MEDRAD® MRXperion MR Injection System

The MEDRAD® MRXperion MR injection system has been designed to support you in providing efficient and accurate care.

MEDRAD® MRXperion is a dual syringe power injector delivering contrast agents and saline during contrast-enhanced MRI diagnostic procedures. Technically advanced MR injector with improved workflow, point of care and injection data management*. Time saving features such as the patented snap-on/twist-off syringe design, automated filling and priming, and on-board calculators help to simplify user requirements.

MEDRAD® MRXperion MR injection system

MEDRAD® MRXperion Introduction

MEDRAD® MRXperion introduction video

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The Smart MR Injection System

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Enabling Workflow Efficiency1

From the way the syringes are installed to the way in which patient and injection data is made available to be utilized, the MEDRAD® MRXperion syringes and automated documentation* solution have been designed to save you time.

This is efficient.

1 using auto features of MRXperion.

Increases Confidence2

Reduce manual work and potential errors with automated documentation*, while improving the accuracy and consistency of recorded protocols and associated data. MEDRAD® MRXperion gives you the confidence that you are acting on accurate information.

This is smart.

2 dose is accurately delivered using MRXperion.

Helping You Focus On the Patient3

The combination of all the innovative features of MEDRAD® MRXperion means one thing – allowing you to provide the best care possible for your patient.

This is MEDRAD® MRXperion.

3 auto features of MRXperion help minimize injector preparation time.


Innovation in MR

Optimize your workflow with //Automated Documentation* and create new dimensions in digital healthcare.

Optimise your workflow

Benefit from improved quality of your data

  • Pull up patient data from the modality worklist
  • Provide the right injection protocol for each patient
  • Automatically capture contrast media information with the barcode reader**

Access data where you need it

  • Easily add all important injection and patient data to the patient’s DICOM records
  • Simplify your reporting process, while eliminating potential manual errors

Understand and analyze contrast usage

  • Perform statistical analysis
  • Centralize protocol management

Maximize uptime with VirtualCare™ *

  • With the inclusion of a VirtualCare remote support system, alerts are monitored and resolved proactively


The MEDRAD® MRXperion Workflow

The Medrad MRXperion Workflow

* Available as an option.
** Available in select markets.

    Control room unit

    15.12” (38.40 cm) W

    10.76” (27.33 cm) H

    7.94” (20.17 cm) D

    Scan room unit

    23.30” (59.0 cm) W

    71.40” (181.0 cm) H

    23.30” (59.0 cm) D

    Power supply

    7.60” (19.0 cm) W

    3.40” (9.0 cm) H

    15.40” (39.0 cm) D


    Voltage requirements

    100 – 240 VAC

    (50/60 Hz)

    120 – 210 VA

    Electrical leakage

    Unit <100 microamperes

    Patient <100 microamperes

    Earth <500 microamperes


    System capabilities
    Syringe capacities

    Syringe A: 65 mL

    Syringe B: 115 mL

    Programmable volume range (mL)

    Syringe A: 0.5 mL to max syringe volume in: 
    0.1 mL increments from 0.5 mL to 31 mL 
    1 mL increments above 31 mL

    Syringe B: 1 mL to max syringe volume in 1 mL increments

    Programmable flow range (mL/sec)0.01 to 10 mL/s in: 
    0.01 mL/s increments between 0.01 and 3.1 mL/s 
    0.1 mL/s increments between 3.1 and 10 mL/s
    KVO (keep vein open)6 factory presets of 0.25 mL every 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 75 sec
    Test injectConfigurable from 0.5 mL to 20 mL in 0.1 mL increments
    Pressure range (psi)6 factory presets from 100 to 325 PSI or, 690 to 2240 kPa
    Injection / post Injection remindersUp to 5 settings of 1 sec to 20 minutes in 1 sec increments
    Injection protocol storage60 protocols up to 6 phases each
    Injection hold / pauseUp to 20 minutes in 1 sec increments
    eGFR calculatorFor adults: MDRD, Cockroft-Gault, Modified Cockroft-Gault and CKD-EPI methods 
    For children: Bedside Schwartz method
    Informatics connectivity capabilityYes, with optional Radimetrics® Enterprise Platform***
    Remote service capabilityYes, with optional VirtualCare™ Remote Support***
    MountingFloor pedestal – includes integrated IV pole


    IV PoleChoice of single hook or double hook IV pole
    Prefilled syringe adaptorChoice of 4 different adaptors
    Mobile clamp kitAvailable for mobile MRI scanners


    Ordering information
    Injector systemCatalog # MRXP 200: MEDRAD® MRXperion MR Injection System


    Disposable syringe kit

    Syringes, SPL, and MPCT

    Syringes, SPL, and MPCT

    Catalog # XP MP:   

    • Use life 24h
    • 65ml for contrast media and 115 ml for saline
    • Tubing length multi patient connector tube 15cm
    • Spikes, one large spike for saline and one small green spike for contrast media 

    Catalog # XP sP:   

    • Tubing length multi patient transfer set 115 cm


    Dual syringe kit

    Medrad MRXperion Dual Syringe Kit

    Catalog # XP 65 / 115 VS:

    • 65 mL Qwik-Fit syringe for contrast media
    • 115 mL Qwik-Fit syringe for saline
    • One large spike for saline
    • One small spike for contrast media
    • 96” low pressure connector tube with T-connector and check valve


    Single syringe kit

    Medrad MRXperion Single Syringe Kit

    Catalog # XP 115 VS

    • 115 mL Qwik-Fit syringe for saline
    • One large spike for saline
    • 96” low pressure connector tube with T-connector and check valve

    *** Radimetrics® Enterprise Platform and VirtualCare™ Remote Support are options that can be ordered. They are not included as part of the base product.


    MEDRAD® Spectris Solaris EP (SSEP) versus MEDRAD® MRXperion

    NOR_RAD_MRXperion_versus_SSEP.AA.Comparison video

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